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My experience was greatly helpful as I had nowhere else to go. Very helpful and informational, I couldn't have done it without them. I truly appreciated all the effort they put into this. I would recommend them to anyone in the same situation as myself. Thank you so much for all the work & help you gave me on selling my house. It is truly appreciated.


First I would like to say Thank You to Joel and his team of people that helped me with my home. I was facing a terrible situation-FORECLOSURE!!!! I thought there was no other option for me until I met with Joel. He was very helpful and knowledgeable…, and informing me of all my options. Joel was very honest and upfront with me through this whole process….I would highly recommend anyone who ….. really needs to sell their home to seek the help of Joel and his team, they helped me when no one else could.


Dear Joel & Ann,

I am writing this to thank you for helping me with the house. When the payments became too much for me after my wife left me, I didn’t know what to do. This house had been my dream home and seeing that dream being destroyed was devastating. Fortunately, my mortgage broker told me that you may be able to help me when he knew no one else could. I didn’t think anyone could help me at that point but he convinced me I had nothing to lose by calling you. So I did and boy, am I glad.

Thank you for listening to me and explaining my options. Thank you for understanding what was most important to me – my 2 boys and being able to support them without ruined credit haunting me. The money you were able to get for me when my house sold will help with the boys as well. The whole situation was very overwhelming and confusing and I am glad you were able to go to bat for me and arrange for a satisfactory ending. Now, I can move on with my life thanks to you.

I know that you told me many times that bad things happen to good people and that sums up my story. I don’t wish the last 5 months on anyone, but if I ever know anyone going through the bad times I just went through, I will tell them to call you right away and get you on their side so their credit isn’t ruined for years.

Sincerely, Chris

Joel & Ann – you did it!

We can’t begin to thank you enough for what you did. We had lost all hope, but you made it all happen – stopping the foreclosure and saving our credit from further damage. You even managed to get us cash at closing!

With everything bad that happened in our lives (health problems and eventual passing of Mom, pay cuts at work, etc.) it was such a relief to have you come in and save the day!

We think we know why we were so surprised you stopped the bank from foreclosing on our home:

1) Every other person (Realtor, Investor, whoever) told us there was nothing that could be done because we owed too much on the house and couldn’t afford it any more. They just said it was just a matter of time before we’d lose it to foreclosure and have that HUGE negative mark on our credit. Even those “we buy houses” guys wouldn’t touch it.

2) You kept running into problem after problem dealing with our lender. But nothing would stop you. You persisted through over 4 months of negotiations with the bank.

In the end, you got them to reduce the debt so you could come in and buy it – stopping the foreclosure and getting the bank to give you time to close.

Thanks for being there to answer our questions and give us updates when we needed it and for being such a “straight shooter” as you say – telling us like it is. We didn’t think there was anyone that would persist like you did – thanks for far exceeding our expectations!

Sincerely, Pat & Tracey

My wife and I moved [across state] due to a new job. We had tried to sell our house for two years without one offer. I saw your website online and called. My wife was very skeptical, but we met and we were immediately impressed. You were very thorough with explaining the process and communicated with us often. We were very impressed and would recommend them to anyone struggling to sell their house.

Ryan & Carla

We were at the end of our rope, we had tried to rent our home, but that blew up in our faces. I am so glad we called Joel & Ann. They were able to take over the whole problem, handled it with such care and grace. I would highly recommend anyone facing these tough situations to trust Joel & Ann.

Jerry and Shannon

After having our home on the market for three years and had several deals fall through due to the rapidly declining market, Joel & Ann were our last resort. We could not afford to keep putting good money after bad and had hard decisions to make regarding our family’s financial future. There were able to buy our home …..that allowed us to walk away and begin our lives again, with a much better credit future than a foreclosure would have allowed. At least now we can have hope of someday securing a new home for our children to grow up in, in the future. The fact that we were currently living in a different state due to jobs, did not affect the quality of attention that they offered our family, even though it meant more work on their part to put our deal together and still make tight deadlines. We appreciate their hard work.

Gary and Marci

I had perfect credit to start. The housing market took a dive, my relationship broke apart, and I was left trying to make it in this economy. I tried everything I could think of to get help. Banks, government, letters from the mail stating they could help. Nothing worked. Could not refinance, did not qualify for a government loan, owe more on the house than it’s worth. I went through 4 realtors and my house was on the market for 30 months. My last realtor told me to call Joel & Ann. I did and as of now it was my best move so far. My house sold ….I must thank them for everything.


After losing an 8 year relationship and the dual income, I found myself in a very bleak financial situation. I was buried with debt and upside down with my home mortgage. Talking with many different people and exhausting many resources, I was referred to Joe l & Ann. After my first visit, I felt relief. They were very professional and courteous….I highly recommend Joel & Ann.


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